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Kalyanpur Cements Ltd.


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Kalyanpur Cements Ltd. Accounting Policy



In terms of the report of kumarmangalam birla committee on corporate governance and the directives of sebi the listing agreement with stock exchanges has been amended by addition of clause 49 therein the company is required to implement the corporate governance code in letter and spirit in fact the company has already  been following some of the sound corporate governance practices . now as stipulated in the listing agreement it is the Endeavour of the company to follow the code of corporate governance by adopting sound corporate practices and complying with varios laws rules regulation and the listing agreement with the stock exchanges .

1.the audit and risk committee has been assigned the following terms of reference

1.oversight of the company financial reporting process and the disclosure of its financial information to ensure that the financial statement is corrent sufficient and credible 

2. recommendation for appointment remuneration and terms of appointment of auditors of the company

3.approval of payment of statutory auditors for any services rendered by the statutory auditors 

4.reviewing with the management the annual financial statement s and auditors report thereon before submission to the board for approval with particular reference to 

a.matters required to be included in the directors responsibility statement to be included in the board report in terms of clause c of sub section 3 of section 134 of the companies act 2013.

b. changes if any accounting policies and practices and reasons for the same

c. major accounting entries involving estimates based on the exercise of judgment by management  

d. significant  adjustments  made in the financial statement arising out of audit findings 

e. compliance with listing and other legal requirement s relating to financial statement 

g. qualification in the draft audit report 

5.reviewing with the management  the quarterly financial statement before submission to the board for approval 

6.reviewing with the management  the statement of uses application of funds raised through an issue the statement of funds utilized for purposes other than those stated in the offer document prospectus notice and the report submitted by the monitoring agency monitoring the utilization of proceed of a public or right issue and making appropriate recommendations to the board to take up steps in this matter 

7.review and monitor the auditors independence and performance and effectiveness of audit process

8.approval or any subsequent modification of transactions of the company with related parties

9.scrutiny  of inter corporate loans and investment 

10.valuation of undertakings or assets of the company wherever its is necessary

11.evaluationof internal financial controls and risk management systemns 

12.reviewing with the management performance of statutory and internal auditors adequacy of the internal control systems 

13.reviewing the adequacy of internal audit function if any including the structure of the internal audit department staffing and seniority of the official heading the department reporting structure coverage and frequency of internal audit .

14.discussion with internal auditors on any significant findings and follow up thereon 

15.reviewing the findings of any internal investigation by the internal auditors ito matters where there is suspected fraud or irregularity or a failure of internal control systems of material nature and reporting the matter to the board 

16.discussion with statutory suitors before the audit commences about the nature and scope of audit as well as post audit discussion to ascertain any area of concern 

17.to look in to the reasons for substantial defaults in the payment to the depositors  depositors debenture holders shareholder and creditors 

18.to review the functioning of the whistle blower mechanism

19.approval of appointment of cfo the whole time financial directors or any other person heading the financial  function or discharging that function after assessing the qualifications experience and background etc of the candidate

20.carrying out any other  function as is mentioned in the terms of reference of the audit committee


a)to investigate any activity within its terms of reference

b)to seek  information from any employee

c)to obtain outside legal or other professional advice

d.to secure attendance of outsiders with relevant expertise if it considers necessary

v.the audit committee reviews the following 

a)management discussion and analysis of financial condition and results of operations

b)statement of significant related party transaction 

c)management letters of internal control weakness issued by the statutory auditors

d)internal audit report relating to internal control weaknesses

e)appointment removal and terms of remuneration of the chief internal auditors 

ii the following are the terms of reference of the  nomination and remuneration committee

the terms of reference of the nomination and remuneration committee are determined on the basis of the provision contained in section 178 of the companies act and clause 49 of the listing  agreement accordingly the following are the terms of reference of the nomination and remuneration committee

a)the committee shall identify the persons who are qualified to become directors and who may be appointed in sr management as per the criteria laid down

b)the committee shall recommend to the board the appointment and removal as well as carry out evaluation of the directors performance 

c)the committee shall formulate the criteria for determining qualification positive attribute and independence of the directors

d.the committee shall evolve a remuneration policy for the directors key managerial personnel and other employee while formulating the remuneration policy the committee shall keep in view that remuneration is reasonable and sufficient to attract and retain the desired talent in the organization and that the relationship of  remuneration to the performance is clear and meets the performance bench marks 

e. the committee shall devise policy on board diversity  


the company remuneration policy has been given in the dirtectors report to the shareholders at para 10.0



a)the details of related party transaction in accordance with the provision of the companies act 2013 and the accounting standard 18 issued under the companies accounting standards rules 2006 have been provided in para 6 of note 19 to the balance sheet of the company the details of such transaction are placed before the audit committee from to  time

b)the transaction with the related parties are in the normal course of business only or as provided in the applicable laws

ii)disclosure of accounting treatment 

in preparation of financial  statement the company has followed the norms prescribed in the accounting standards 

iii)board disclosures risk management 

the company has reasonable internal controls and procedures in place which help assess the risk and minimize the same . the internal control and procedures are periodically reviewed to address the deficiencies if any noticed in the course of working or on the suggestion of the auditors with a view to exercising control over risks and consequential losses the company has also started implementing its newly evolved risk management policy which has been approved by the audit  and risk committee and the board of directors the brief particulars of the risk management policy have been provided in the directors report at paragraph 6.0(n)

proceed from public issue right issue preferential issue

the company did not issue any share capital during the financial year 2014-15 and hence this is not applicable the company however had planned to issue 1.062 crore share on right basis but the issue was finally  not proceeded with 


notice period 12 months notice from either side or as mutually agreed


in the event of change in the management of the company due to either merger acquisition amalgamation or restructuring of any kind and if the new management desires to terminated the contract by giving 12 month notice as per above or the person opts to resigning prematurely  withig 12 months of change in management the company undertakes to compensate the incumbent before vacation of office with the equivalent of 3 year remuneration or balance of contract period whichever is lower including salary and house rent allowance or the last rent paid for a leased accommodation dased on the actual remuneration for previous 12 months 

e)non executive directors of the company do not hold share convertible instruments of the company exvept mr d.n chandari who held 176 share allotted to him on consolidation of fractional entitlement of shareholder in terms of the scheme of compromise approved by honble Calcutta high court these 176 shares have since been transferred in favour of shri b.c.srivastava a directors of the company on cessationof shri d.n.bhandari as company directors 


a management discussion and analysis report containing details in theprescrbed areas has been incorpoarated in the directors report as annexure 1 no member of the senior management has during the year under report entered into financial and commercial  transaction with the company.


In case of appointment or re appointment of directors the required information is provided as under 

Detaids of shri shailendra praiksha sinha proposed to be reappointed on retirement by rotation 

Mr.shailendra praksh singa is a commerce graduate and a certificate holder in hotel management from cornell university usa he has also undergone a senior executive programme fromstanford university usa he has over 44 year of industries  experience.

Mr sinha has been associated for long with various chambers and trade bodies like bihar chamber of commerce  bihar idustioes association and confederation of india industry cii bihar and he has been the the president of bihar industries association he is a known industrialist in the state of bihar . he presently holds directorship besides in the company in a known differential technologies ltd bihar state tourism development corporation ltd  and  Canterbury results pvt he also holds membership in the stakeholders relationship committee of the company board.

Mr.sinha does not hold any shares in the company and he is also he is not related with any directors of the company


smt. Lata ajay srivastava is a graduate and is in social work for  a long time she has been a member of inner wheel club of patna which is the women wing of club she has been actively involved in varios philanthropic activities  undertaken  by rotary international  she is also a member of all india women conference bihar chapter she does not hold directorship  any directors in any other company she does not hold any share in the company and she is not related with any directors of the company

the non executive directors do not hold  any share in the company accept as mentioned at para 7 v e hereinabove 


non of the directors  of the company is related with the directors proposed to be appointed reappointed 

c.the quarterly results and presentations are not sent by the company to the analysis the company regularly sends its quarterly results to the stock exchanges where its shares are listed 

d.the company has formed a board committee under chairmanship of shri ravindra Prasad a non executive directors to look into redressal of the shareholders and investors complaints the committee is now designated as stakeholders relationship committee the earlier name being share transfer  and shareholders grievances redressed committee /

e)the board  has already formed a committee known  as stakeholders relationship committee which was earlier known aas share transfer and shareholders grievance refressal committee for expeditors transfer for shares and the company expeditiously transfer the shares as and when request for such transfers are received  

viii)there were no occasions of penalty strictures imposed on the company by stock exchange or sebi or any statutory authority on any matter related to capital markets during last 3 year.

xi)whistle blower policy has been implemented and no person willing to approach  audit committee has been denied access to the committee

x. report on compliance of mandatory  non mandatory requirements

i)compliance of mandatory requirement 

all the mandatory requirement of clause 49 have been complied with by the company  

ii)non mandatory requirement  

the company is complying with the following non mandatory requirement  

a)the company financial statement are unqualified financial statement 

b)the company has appointed a non executive independent directors as chairman of the company and the positions of the chairman and managing  directors are being held by separate persons.

c)the internal auditors have direct reporting relationship with the audit committee.


i.the company publishes its quarterly results on regular basis

ii.the quarterly results are published in the following newspapers

a)the financial express Kolkata

b)pratiding a Bengali daily Kolkata

iii.the company has a functional website namely www.kelyanpur.com

iv.the company does not display the official newas relaease.in fact the company generally does not issue news releases

v.the company from time to time makes presentation to the state govt the bank financial institutions or the prospective lenders in relation to its financial performance the company does not make  any  presentation to the analysts.



Monday the 28th September 2015 at 11.30 a.m the Palladian club lounge the Bengal chamber of commerce &industry 6, nataji subhas road third level Kolkata -700 001

Ii .financial year : 2014-15

III. BOOK CLOSURE DATE : 21st September 2015 to 28th September 2015.

IV. DIVIDEND PAYMENT DATE : since the company does not have distributable profit the board  of directors have not recommended any dividend.

v)LISTING AT STOCK EXCHANGE: Calcutta stock exchange Kolkata ii)bse ltd Mumbai  

VI)STOCK CODE : 21102-calcutta stock exchange Kolkata 502150-bse lts ,Mumbai  

vii)performance in companies to board based indices such as bse sensex crisil index etc: since the volume of shares traded is very small the comparison of company share performance with broad based indices like bse sensex crisil index etc will not be feasible 

VIII)REGISTRAR &TRANSFER AGENTS : link intime india (p) lts 59c chowringhee road 3rd floor Kolkata -700 020 phone : 033-22890540 fax : 33-22890839 e-mail : Kolkata@linkintime .co.in

X)SHARE TRANSFER SYSTEM : in terms of directive of seci to have common agency for registration of transfers under bth physical and dematerialized modes both the transfer functions have been entrusted to the above rtas.


The company shares have been dematerialized by cdsl with isin ine991e01022 .nsdl has however not provided  connectivity on the ground that the company net worth does not meet nsdl criteria.

Outstanding Gdrs / Adrs  Warrants Or Any  Convertible Instruments Conversion Date And Likely Impact On Equity : nil

PLANT LOCATION : p.o.bangari dist rohtas bihar.

ADDRESS FOR CORRESPONDENCE : head office maurya centre ,1-fraser road patna -800 001

ii. REGISTERED OFFICE : 2&3dr.rajendra Prasad sarani (formerly known as clive row)Kolkata-700 001.


This has been obtained and is enclosed as annexre -8 THE CEO/CFO certification is provided in the annul report 


As  required under clause 49 of the listing agreement the CEO/CFO certification is provided in the annual report

Code of conduct: board of directors have laid down a code of conduct for all board members and senior management of the company. The code of conduct has been posted on the company website the directors and senior members of the management of the company have affirmed compliance with the code for the financial year 2014-15. A declaration to this effect by the managing  directors is included in the certificate provided in terms of para 12 above 







DATE : 22.05.2015.