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Swaraj Engines Ltd.


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Swaraj Engines Ltd. Accounting Policy


I Company's philosophy on Code of Governance

Swaraj Engines Ltd. (SEL) has been practising the principles of good corporate governance, disclosure and transparency right from its incorporation. It has been a core belief and practice with the Company to consider itself as the custodian and trustee of all the constituencies of its businesses - customers, business associates, shareholders and society. SEL has sought and will continue to seek corporate excellence and profits through ethics, passion and perseverance.

A report on compliance with the Code of Corporate Governance as prescribed in Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 ("the Listing Regulations") is given below:

II Board of Directors

The Composition of the Board is in accordance with the Listing Regulations. The Company has a Non-Executive Chairman and the number of Independent Directors is 1/3rd of the total number of Directors. The number of Non-Executive Directors is more than one half of the total number of Directors. The Non-Executive Directors bring wide range of experience and independent judgement to the Board's deliberations and decisions. Shri M.N. Kaushal is the Whole Time Director of the Company.

Dr. Pawan Goenka, Shri Rajan Wadhera and Shri S. Durgashankar, Non-Executive Directors, are in the whole-time employment of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Shri R.R. Deshpande, Non-Executive Director, is in the whole-time employment of Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. These Non-Executive Directors draw remuneration from their respective companies. Shri Vijay Varma, Non-Executive Director, is also associated with Kirloskar Group. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. and Kirloskar Industries Ltd. are the promoters of the Company.

Apart from the above and the re-imbursement of expenses incurred in discharge of their duties and the remuneration that some of the Non-Executive Directors would be entitled to under the Companies Act, 2013, none of the Directors has any other material pecuniary relationship or transactions with the Company, its Promoters, its Directors, its Senior Management and associates which in their judgement would affect their independence. The Directors of the Company are not inter-se related to each other.

The primary role of the Board is that of trusteeship, to protect and enhance shareholders' value through strategic supervision of Company's operations. The Board also provides direction and exercises appropriate control to ensure that the Company fulfils the stakeholders' aspirations and societal expectations.

A. Composition of the Board

The Company's Board of Directors currently comprises of 10 members. While five members are Non-Independent Non-Executive Directors, the Whole-time Director is the Executive Director of the Company and remaining four (including the Chairman of the Board) are Independent Directors.

B. Board Procedure

The Board meets at regular intervals and a detailed Agenda is sent to each Director prior to Board and Committee Meetings. To enable the Board to discharge its responsibilities effectively, the Board is apprised at every Meeting regarding the overall performance of the Company. The Board also inter alia reviews strategy and business plans, annual operating and capital expenditure budgets, investment and exposure limits, compliance reports of all laws applicable to the Company, as well as steps taken by the Company to rectify instances of non-compliances, if any, adoption of quarterly/half-yearly/annual results, significant labour issues, and Minutes of Meetings of the Audit and other Committees of the Board. Details of the familiarization programme of the independent directors are available on the website of the Company (www.swarajenterprise.com).

During the financial year 2015-16, 5 Board Meetings were held on 27th April, 2015, 25th June, 2015, 28th July, 2015, 16th October, 2015 and 25th January, 2016. The gap between two Meetings did not exceed four months.

The 29th Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 28th July, 2015.

C. Board Evaluation

Pursuant to the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 and the Listing Regulations, a system has been put in place to carry out performance evaluation of the Board, its Committees and individual directors. An appraisal format has been devised covering various aspects of the Board's functioning such as adequacy of composition of the Board and its Committees, Board process, culture and accountability etc. Similarly, a separate format is also formulated for carrying out evaluation of the performance of Individual Directors including the Chairman of the Board, which interalia include parameters such as level of engagement and contribution, understanding of industry and global trends, and independence of judgement etc.

D. Directors Profile

The brief profile of the Company's Board of Directors is given below:

Shri Sudhir Mankad

Shri Sudhir Mankad joined the Company's Board in July 2012.

Shri Mankad belongs to Indian Administrative Services (IAS). He holds Masters' degree in History from University of Delhi. He has served in various capacities both in Government of India and the State of Gujarat. His last assignment was as Chief Secretary, Govt. of Gujarat. He has served as a Chairman / Director on Board of several cement, power, fertilizer, and finance companies. He had also worked on the Finance Committee of Central Universities and had been associated with several educational institutions and NGOs. Shri Mankad has also been appointed as Part Time Non-Executive Director on the Central Board of Reserve Bank of India from March '16

Dr. Pawan Goenka

Dr. Pawan Goenka is on the Board of the Company since May 2010.

Dr. Goenka is a Mechanical Engineer from I.I.T. Kanpur. Post his Engineering degree, he earned his Ph.D from Cornell University, U.S.A. He is also a graduate of the Harvard Business School Advanced Management Program. Dr. Goenka is currently the Executive Director and Group President (Auto and Farm Sector) of Mahindra and Mahindra Limited (M&M). Having joined M&M in 1993, in April 2003 he was appointed COO of Automotive Sector, in September 2005 he became President, and in April 2010 he assumed responsibility for both the Automotive and Farm Equipment Sectors. He was appointed to the post of Executive Director of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. in 2013. Prior to joining M&M, he served with General Motors R&D Centre at Detroit, U.S.A. He is an internationally acknowledged scientist-manager with several citations to his credit. He is a fellow of SAE International and the Indian National Academy of Engineers. In 2014, he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Governors at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras.

Dr. Goenka is also the Chairman of Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers Limited, SsangYong Motor Company Limited, Mahindra & Mahindra South Africa (Pty) Limited, Mahindra USA Inc., Mahindra Racing U.K. Limited, Peugeot Motocycles SAS, and Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Limited, Mahindra Agri Solutions Limited and Director of Mahindra First Choice Wheels Limited, Mahindra Two Wheelers Limited, Mumbai Mantra Media Limited, Mahindra Yueda (Yancheng) Tractor Co. Limited and Mitsubishi Mahindra Agricultural Machinery Co. Limited

hri R.R. Deshpande

Shri R.R. Deshpande is on the Board of the Company since January 2008.

Shri Deshpande, a Mechanical Engineer, is currently Joint Managing Director, Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited (KOEL). He is working with Kirloskar Group since 1977 and has vast experience in Projects, Production and Material Services.

Shri Deshpande is also on the Board of Kothrud Power Equipment Limited

Shri Vijay Varma

Shri Vijay Varma has been a Director of the Company since January 2009.

Shri Varma, a Mechanical Engineer from College of Engineering, Pune, served with Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited and had held key positions in domestic and export marketing & sales, setting up power plant, heading business to generate and sell power, managing projects in strategy development, process engineering and information technology. He was also involved in negotiating, setting up and closing technology transfers and joint ventures, acquisitions of businesses and general management.

His last assignment in Kirloskar Group was as Managing Director & President of Kirloskar Proprietary Ltd. to manage, promote and protect brands and trademarks owned and used by Kirloskar Group.

Since 2009, Shri Varma chairs Indian Diesel Manufacturers' Association (IDEMA), and is also promoter and managing committee member of International Internal Combustion Engine Manufacturers' Association (IICEMA

Shri Varma does not hold any shares in the Company.

Shri Rajan Wadhera

Shri Rajan Wadhera joined the Company's Board in April 2014.

Shri Rajan Wadhera possesses Bachelor of Technology and Master of Technology degrees from IIT, Mumbai and participated in the Advanced Management Program at the Wharton Business School, USA. He is currently President and Chief Executive - Truck & Power Train Division and Head - Mahindra Research Valley (MRV) and Member of Group Executive Board of Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (M&M). He has wide and diverse experience in various facets of automotive as well as farm equipment sector like Research & Development, Technology Incubation, Sourcing, Manufacturing, Program Management, Vendor Management and New Parts Development. He has also enriched Mahindra's corporate culture with cultural transformation initiatives to help it to focus on delivering customer satisfaction. Before joining M&M, he was the Head of Operations of Eicher group's trucks, tractors, and motorcycles business.

Shri S. Durgashankar

Shri S.Durgashankar joined the Company's Board in June 2014.

Shri S. Durgashankar, a Chartered Accountant, is currently President - Group Merger & Acquisitions (M&A), Corporate Accounts and Group Secretarial and Member of the Group Executive Board at Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M). During his overall work experience of 30+ years, he has handled a wide spectrum of Corporate Finance assignments at senior levels. At M&M, he was instrumental in setting up the M&A division and has a rich M&A experience, having facilitated many domestic & international M&A transactions for the Mahindra Group. He was earlier Corporate Treasurer and Head of Treasury & Investor Relations at M&M. Prior to his current assignment, he was CFO of Mahindra Satyam.

Shri Durgashankar is also the Chairman of Mahindra Integrated Business Solutions Pvt. Limited and Director of EPC Industries Limited, Mahindra Trucks & Buses Limited, Mahindra Sona Limited, Mahindra eMarket Limited, Mitsubishi Mahindra Agricultural Machinery Co. Limited, Mahindra HZPC Pvt. Limited and Mahindra Namaste Pvt. Limited.

Shri Dileep C. Choksi

Shri Dileep C. Choksi joined the Company's Board in June 2014.

Shri Dileep C. Choksi, a Chartered Accountant by profession, has over 37 years of experience having qualified as a Lawyer and a Cost Accountant. He was the former Joint Managing Partner of Deloitte in India before setting up of C.C. Chokshi Advisors Pvt. Ltd. His areas of specialization include tax planning and structuring for domestic and international clients, including expatriates, finalizing collaborations and joint ventures, executive advisory and decision support, corporate restructuring with a focus on start-up, turnaround and change management strategies and analyzing tax impact of various instruments.

Shri Choksi is also a Director of ICICI Bank Limited, ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co. Limited, ICICI Home Finance Co. Limited, Lupin Limited, Hexaware Technologies Limited, AIA Engineering Limited, Arvind Limited, Tata Housing Development Co. Limited, Mafatlal Cipherspace Pvt. Limited and Incube Ventures Pvt. Limited.

Smt. Neera Saggi

Smt. Neera Saggi joined the Company's Board in October 2014.

Smt. Neera Saggi, Masters in English Literature and an MBA, joined the Indian Administrative Service in 1980 and before taking a voluntary retirement in 2008, she served in various capacities both in Government of India and State of West Bengal. Besides other assignments, she was District Magistrate and Collector, Hooghly, West Bengal, Deputy Chairperson of the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, Secretary to Governor of West Bengal, CMD of Hindustan Diamond Company Pvt. Limited and Development Commissioner of Special Economic Zones, Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India. Smt. Saggi's last assignment was Chief Executive of L&T Seawoods Pvt. Ltd.

Smt. Saggi is also Director of SICOM Limited, Tata Projects Limited, TRF Limited, Tata Consulting Engineers Limited, IL&FS Financial Services Limited, Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited, Maithon Power Limited and Mahindra Heavy Engines Limited.

Shri M.N.Kaushal

Shri M.N. Kaushal has joined the Company's Board in December 2009 and has been appointed as Whole Time Director for a period of 5 years with effect from 1st April, 2012.

Shri Kaushal is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. Having joined the erstwhile Punjab Tractors (since merged with Mahindra & Mahindra Limited) in 1981, his last assignment in M&M was Sr. Vice President - Finance of Farm Division of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. and has made significant contributions in business planning, cost control and management & judicious allocation of financial resources

III Committees of the Board A. Audit Committee

The Audit Committee currently comprises the following Non-Executive Directors of which three are Independent, including the Chairman of the Committee:

- Shri Dileep C. Choksi, Chairman

- Dr. T.N. Kapoor

- Shri S. Durgashankar

- Smt. Neera Saggi

All the Members of the Committee have vast experience and knowledge of corporate affairs & financial management and possess accounting and financial management expertise.

The role, terms of reference and the authority and powers of this Committee are in conformity with the requirements of the Companies Act, 2013 and the Listing Regulations. The functions of the Audit Committee inter alia include review of systems and procedures, overseeing the functioning of internal audit, the effectiveness of internal controls and regulatory compliances. It also reviews Company's financial reporting process, disclosure of financial information, observations of auditors and recommends the appointment of statutory auditors, their fees and reviews quarterly / annual financial statements before submission to the Board. It is also empowered to inter alia review Management Discussion and Analysis of financial condition, results of operations and related party transactions. Generally, all items listed in Regulation 18(3) of the Listing Regulations are covered in the terms of reference. The Audit Committee has been granted powers as prescribed under Regulation 18(2)(c) of the Listing Regulations. The meetings of the Audit Committee are also attended by the Whole-time Director, the Statutory Auditors, the Internal Auditor and the Company Secretary besides other senior functionaries of the Company as and when required.

The Company Secretary acts as the Secretary to the Committee.

Shri Dileep C. Choksi, the Chairman of the Audit Committee, attended the last Annual General Meeting held on  28th July, 2015.

During the financial year under review, 4 meetings of Audit Committee of the Board were held on 27th April, 2015, 28th July, 2015, 16th October, 2015 and 25th January, 2016. The gap between the two meetings did not exceed four months.

B. Stakeholders Relationship Committee

The Stakeholders Relationship Committee functions under the Chairmanship of Dr. T.N. Kapoor, Non-Executive Independent Director and presently comprises the following Directors:

- Dr. T.N. Kapoor, Chairman

- Shri Rajan Wadhera

- Shri M.N. Kaushal

Shri M.S. Grewal, Company Secretary, is the Compliance Officer of the Company.

The Committee meets at periodic intervals, to approve inter alia, transfer / transmission of shares, issue of duplicate share certificates and review status of investors' grievances and the functioning of the Share Department / Registrar & Share Transfer Agents in order to render effective and quality services to investors.

C. Nomination and Remuneration Committee

The Nomination and Remuneration Committee presently comprises following three Non-Executive Directors of which two are Independent, including the Chairman of the Committee:

- Dr. T.N. Kapoor, Chairman

- Shri Sudhir Mankad

- Dr. Pawan Goenka

The purpose of the Committee inter alia include identification and selection of persons who may be appointed as directors / independent director(s) or as key managerial personnel or in senior management based on certain laid down criteria, formulate policy relating to the remuneration for the directors, key managerial personnel and other employees, to decide on the stock options to be granted, if any, to the eligible employees, directors including non-executive directors; formulation of process for evaluation of directors performance; and to deal with such other matters and functions as may be prescribed from time to time.

D. Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee currently comprises the following four Directors with Non-Executive Independent Director as its Chairman:

- Shri Sudhir Mankad, Chairman

- Shri Vijay Varma

- Shri Rajan Wadhera

- Shri M.N. Kaushal

The role of the CSR Committee, inter alia, is to :

- formulate and recommend to the Board, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy which shall indicate the activities to be undertaken by the Company as specified in Schedule VII of the Act;

- recommend the amount of expenditure to be incurred on the CSR activities;

- monitor the CSR Policy of the Company from time to time.

During the financial year, 2 meetings of Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Board were held on 25th January, 2016 and 18th March, 2016.

IV Remuneration to Directors Remuneration Policy

The key provisions of the policies related to selection and appointment of Directors and their remuneration are given below:

a) Policy for Selection and appointment of Directors

i) Appointment of Directors

• The Nomination and Remuneration Committee (NRC) reviews and assesses Board composition and recommends the appointment of new Directors as and when required. In evaluating the suitability of individual Board member with regard to qualifications, positive attributes and independence of director, the NRC takes into account the following criteria that:

1. All Board appointments are based on merit, in the context of the skills, experience, independence and knowledge, for the Board as a whole to be effective.

2. Ability of the candidates to devote sufficient time and attention to his professional obligations as Independent Director for informed and balanced decision-making.

3. Adherence to the Code of Conduct and highest level of Corporate Governance in letter and in spirit by the Independent Directors.

• Based on recommendation of the NRC, the Board evaluates the candidature and decide on the selection of the appropriate member.

ii) Removal of Directors

If a Director is attracted with any disqualification as mentioned in any of the applicable Act, rules and regulations thereunder or due to non-adherence to the applicable policies of the Company, the NRC may recommend to the Board with reasons recorded in writing, removal of a Director subject to the compliance of the applicable statutory provisions.

iii) Succession Planning

The successors for the Independent Directors shall be identified by the NRC. In case of separation of Independent Directors due to resignation or otherwise, successor will be appointed at the earliest but not later than the immediate next Board meeting or three months from the date of such vacancy, whichever is later.

The successors for the Executive Director(s) shall be identified by the NRC from among the Senior Management or through external source as the Board may deem fit. The NRC will accord due consideration for the expertise and other criteria required for the successor.

The Board may also decide not to fill the vacancy caused at its discretion. b) Policy for Remuneration to Directors

i) Non-Executive Director including Independent Directors:

The Nomination and Remuneration Committee (NRC) shall decide the basis for determining the compensation, both Fixed and Variable, to the Non-Executive Directors, including Independent Directors, whether as commission or otherwise. The NRC shall take into consideration various factors such as Director's participation in Board and Committee meetings during the year, other responsibilities undertaken, such as membership or chairmanship of committees, time spent in carrying out their duties, role and functions as envisaged in Schedule IV of the Companies Act, 2013 and the Listing Regulations and such other factors as the NRC may consider deem fit for determining the compensation. The Board shall determine the compensation to Non­Executive Directors within the overall limits specified in the Shareholders resolution.

ii) Whole-Time Executive Director(s):

The remuneration to Whole-Time/Executive Director(s) shall be recommended by NRC to the Board. The remuneration consists of both fixed compensation and variable compensation and shall be paid as salary, commission, performance bonus, stock options (where applicable), perquisites and fringe benefits as approved by the Board and within the overall limits specified in the Shareholders resolution. The revision in compensation, if any, will be determined annually by the NRC based on their performance.

Remuneration Details

Non-Executive Directors, other than representative directors of M&M, are paid sitting fees for attending the meetings of the Board of Directors and Committees thereof within the prescribed limits as decided by the Board and reimbursement of expenses incurred for attending the Board and Committee Meetings. The existing sitting fees paid to Non-Executive Directors is as under:

Rs. 50,000 for every Board Meeting

- Rs. 30,000 for every Committee(s) Meeting (other than Stakeholders Relationship Committee)

- Rs. 5,000 for every Stakeholders Relationship Committee Meeting

From the financial year 2011-12, the Board had also approved the payment of commission to Directors who are neither in the Whole-time employment of the Company nor the Whole-time Director, Managing Director, Executive Director(s) and such of the remainder as may not desire to participate, upto one per cent per annum of the net profits of the Company distributed in such proportions as the Board of Directors may decide from time to time, subject to a limit of one quarter per cent of the net profits of the financial year for each such Director.

VII Shareholder Information

1. 30th Annual General Meeting

Date : 26th July, 2016

Time : 12.30 P.M.

Venue : Swaraj Engines Ltd., Plot No. 2, Industrial Phase IX, S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali), Punjab - 160 062

2. Financial Calendar (tentative)

The Financial year covers the period from 1st April to 31st March.

Calendar for the Board Meetings to be held to review / approve the financial results of the Company for FY 2016-17 is given below:

Quarter ending 30th June, 2016 Last week of July, 2016

• Half year ending 30th September, 2016 : Third week of October, 2016

• Quarter ending 31st December, 2016 : Last week of January, 2017

• Year ending 31st March, 2017 : May, 2017

Note: The above schedules are indicative.

Note: The above schedules are indicative.

3. Dividend Payment

Will be paid/dispatched between 27th July, 2016 to 4th August, 2016.

4. Date of Book Closure

9th July, 2016 to 15th July, 2016 (both days inclusive)

5. Listing on Stock Exchanges

(i) BSE Ltd. (BSE) 25th Floor, P.J.Towers, Dalal Street, Mumbai - 400001

(ii) National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE) Exchange Plaza, C-1, Block G, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai - 400051

Listing Fee for FY 2016-17 for both these stock exchanges has been paid.

Stock Code

(i) BSE Ltd. (BSE) : 500407

(ii) National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE) : SWARAJENG

7. CIN : L50210PB1985PLC006473

10. Registrar and Transfer Agents

M/s MCS Share Transfer Agent Limited (MCS), F-65, 1st Floor, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase - I, New Delhi - 110 020 are the Registrar and Share Transfer Agent for physical shares of the Company. MCS is also the depository interface of the Company with both NSDL and CDSL.

Tel No. : 011 - 41406149 Fax No. : 011 - 41709881 Email address : helpdeskdelhi@mcsregistrars.com Contact Person: Shri Amar Jit

Share Transfer & other Communication regarding Share Certificates, Dividends and Change of Address etc. may be addressed to Registrar, M/s MCS Share Transfer Agent Limited or to the Share Department of the Company at its Registered Office at Phase IV, Industrial Area, S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali), Punjab - 160 055.

11. Transfer System for physical shares

Share transfers are being registered & returned within the stipulated timeline from the date of receipt, if the documents are valid in all respects.

Total number of shares transferred during FY 2015-16 was 2300 (Previous Year 2400).

Against the opening balance of 5350 shares (21 folios) lying in Unclaimed Suspense Account, no claim was made during the year.

14. Dematerialisation of Shares

The trading in Equity Shares of Swaraj Engines Limited is permitted only in dematerialised form. The Company has joined National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL) to facilitate the trading. As on 31st March, 2016, 98.6% of the equity capital is held in electronic form.

International Securities Identification Number (ISIN): INE277A01016 (with NSDL and CDSL)

15. Outstanding GDR's / ADR's / Warrants / Convertible Instruments

Not Applicable.

16. Plant Location

Swaraj Engines Limited Plot No. 2, Industrial Phase IX, S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali), Punjab - 160 062

17. Address for correspondence Registrar and Share Transfer Agent

M/s MCS Share Transfer Agent Limited Unit: Swaraj Engines Ltd. F-65, 1st Floor, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase - I Phone : 011 - 41406149 New Delhi - 110 020 Fax : 011 - 41709881 Email: helpdeskdelhi@mcsregistrars.com

Compliance Officer & Company Secretary

Shri M.S.Grewal, Company Secretary Registered Office: Swaraj Engines Ltd. Phase-IV, Industrial Area S.A.S.Nagar (Mohali), Punjab - 160 055. Phone:0172-2271620-27 Fax : 0172- 2272731 Email: selinvestor@swarajenterprise.com

18. Website Address : www.swarajenterprise.com

VIII Other Disclosures

A. Disclosure of transactions with Related Parties

During FY 2015-16, all transactions entered into with related parties were in the ordinary course of business and on arms length basis. The Company has not entered into any transaction of material nature with the promoters, the directors or the management or their relatives etc. that may have potential conflict with the interests of the Company. The Company has no subsidiary. Details of related parties and transactions with them are covered at Note 2.25 of the Annual Accounts. The policy for related party transactions approved by the Board of Directors of the Company is available at Company's website www.swarajenterprise.com

B. Details of non-compliance etc.

There has neither been any non-compliance of any legal provision of applicable law, nor any penalty, stricture imposed by the Stock Exchanges or SEBI or any other statutory authorities, on any matters related to capital market during the last three years.

C. Whistle Blower Policy

The Company is committed to conduct its business in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations and the highest standards of business ethics, honesty, integrity and ethical conduct. Towards this end, the Company has adopted a Code of Ethics & Conduct for its employees including Members of the Board of Directors referred to as "the Code" and other Policies as may be applicable from time to time which lays down the principles and standards that should govern the actions of the Company and its Employees. Any actual or potential violation of the Code/Policies, howsoever insignificant or perceived as such, would be a matter of serious concern for the Company. The role of the Employees in pointing out such violations of the Code/Policies cannot be undermined. Accordingly, the Whistle Blower Policy ("the Policy") has been formulated with a view to provide a mechanism for employees of the Company to approach the Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Company or Chairman of the Company.

All Employees of the Company are eligible to make Protected Disclosures under the Policy. Protected Disclosures may be in relation to matters concerning the Company. Protected Disclosures should be reported in writing and addressed to the Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Company or Chairman of the Company for investigation. During the year under review, no employee has approached the Audit Committee. The details of Whistle Blower Policy are available at the Company's website www.swarajenterprise.com

D. Disclosure of Accounting Treatment in preparation of Financial Statements

In preparation of the financial statements, the Company has followed the Accounting Standards laid down by the Companies (Accounting Standards) Rules, 2006. The significant accounting policies which are consistently applied are set out under Note 1 of the Annual Accounts.

E. CEO / CFO Certification

As required under Regulation 17(8) of the Listing Regulations, the Whole-time Director and the Chief Financial Officer of the Company have certified to the Board regarding the Financial Statements for the year ended 31st March, 2016.

F. Management Discussion and Analysis Report

Management Discussion and Analysis Report has been attached to the Directors' Report and forms part of this Annual Report.

G. Risk Management

Business risk evaluation and management is an ongoing process within the Company. For each function, the impact and probability of various risks are made and necessary control measures are identified to mitigate these risks, thereby reducing the impact and probability of the risk. During the year, a detailed exercise on "Risk Assessment" related to Company's main functional areas was carried out.

The Board is apprised of the risk assessment and mitigation process followed by the Company.

H. Code for prevention of Insider Trading Practices

In compliance with SEBI's Regulations on prevention of insider trading, the Company has laid down a comprehensive Code of Conduct for prevention of insider trading for its designated employees. The Code lays down guidelines, which advises them on procedures to be followed and disclosures to be made, while dealing with shares of the Company, and cautioning them of the consequences of violations.

IX Compliance with Mandatory requirements

The Company has complied with the mandatory requirements of the Code of Corporate Governance as stipulated under the Listing Regulations.

X Adoption of the non-mandatory requirements

a) Audit Qualifications

During the financial year under review, there is no audit qualification in the Company's financial statements. The Company continues to adopt best practices to ensure regime of unqualified financial statements.

b) Separate Posts of Chairman and CEO

The Company has separate persons to the posts of Chairman and Whole-time Director.

c) Internal Auditor

The internal auditor reports directly to the Audit Committee.

The Company has not adopted the other non-mandatory requirements as specified in Part E of Schedule II of the Listing Regulations during the year.

XI Code of Conduct

The Company's Board has laid down a well-defined Code of Ethics & Conduct ("the Code") to be followed by Board Members and employees of the Company for ethical professional conduct. The Code is available on the website of the Company (www.swarajenterprise.com). All Board Members and Senior Management Personnel have affirmed compliance with this Code. A declaration signed by the Whole-time Director to this effect is enclosed at the end of this Report.